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Categories (46)

Name Description
Black Bags Black Refuse Bag
Boutique Paper Bags Brown / White Paper Bags
Boxes We can make any type of box according to specifications on your request. Printed or plain. Min order 500.
Brown Paper Shopper Bag Brown Paper Shopper Handle Bag
Bubblewrap Rolls of Plastic wrapping
Buckles Buckles-Handstrap
Cake Boxes Cardboard cake boxes in a large range or sizes.
Carrier Bags Hand carrier plastic bags
Cleaning Products Dishwashing
Clingwrap To wrap food products
Cooler Boxes Polystyrene Cooler Boxes
Corrugated Rolls To wrap sensitive products
Counter Rolls Brown Counter Rolls
Cups C Clear Cup
Cups Col Cooldrink Paper Cup
Cups F Foam Cups
Cups H Coffee Paper Cups
Cutlery Cutlery
Dispensor Mop Caps Holder
Domes Cake Domes
Egg Trays-pulp Egg Trays Pulp
Facial Mask Non Woven Facial Mask Non Woven 50 Mask per Box
Foam Trays Foam Trays for Food
Foam Trays (fast Food) Foam Tray Fast Foods
Foil Products To use for food
Gloves Protection for Hands
Microwable Plastic Containers
Mop Caps Head Protection
Palletwrap Wrapping goods on Pallet
Paper Bags Brown craft and Greaseproof Bags.
Plastic Bags Plastic Bags Clear
Polyprolene Bags Clear Bags
Polyprop Bags Plastic Bags
Self Seal Bags Self Seal bags
Serviettes Serviettes (Napkins)
Serving Trays Catering Serving Tray
Specimen Container For Labotory Use
Strapping Hand Strapping
Tapes Adhesive Industrial Tapes
Toilet Papers / Towels Toilet Papers -(Quality)
Tubs C Clear Tubs
Tubs F Foam Tubs
Wedges Sandwich Wedges
Wine Boxes Wine Boxes
Wood Bags Plastic Bags
Zip Bags Zip Bags