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Black Bags :: Black Refuse Bag

Boutique Paper Bags :: Brown / White Paper Bags

Boxes :: We can make any type of box according to specifications on your request. Printed or plain. Min order 500.

Brown Paper Shopper Bag :: Brown Paper Shopper Handle Bag

Bubblewrap :: Rolls of Plastic wrapping

Buckles :: Buckles-Handstrap


Cake Boxes :: Cardboard cake boxes in a large range or sizes.

Carrier Bags :: Hand carrier plastic bags

Cleaning Products :: Dishwashing

Clingwrap :: To wrap food products

Cooler Boxes Polystyrene :: Cooler Boxes

Corrugated Rolls :: To wrap sensitive products

Counter Rolls :: Brown Counter Rolls

Cups C :: Clear Cup

Cups Col :: Cooldrink Paper Cup

Cups F :: Foam Cups

Cups H :: Coffee Paper Cups

Cutlery :: Cutlery


Dispensor :: Mop Caps Holder

Domes :: Cake Domes


Egg Trays-pulp :: Egg Trays Pulp


Foam Trays :: Foam Trays for Food

Foam Trays (fast Food) :: Foam Tray Fast Foods

Foil Products :: To use for food


Gloves :: Protection for Hands


Microwable :: Plastic Containers

Mop Caps :: Head Protection


Palletwrap :: Wrapping goods on Pallet

Paper Bags :: Brown craft and Greaseproof Bags.

Plastic Bags :: Plastic Bags Clear

Polyprolene Bags :: Clear Bags

Polyprop Bags :: Plastic Bags


Self Seal Bags :: Self Seal bags

Serviettes :: Serviettes (Napkins)

Serving Trays :: Catering Serving Tray

Specimen Container :: For Labotory Use

Strapping :: Hand Strapping


Tapes :: Adhesive Industrial Tapes

Toilet Papers / Towels :: Toilet Papers -(Quality)

Tubs C :: Clear Tubs

Tubs F :: Foam Tubs


Wedges :: Sandwich Wedges

Wine Boxes :: Wine Boxes

Wood Bags :: Plastic Bags


Zip Bags :: Zip Bags